Welcome to the Property Management Division of Century 21 Doug Anderson.

Please remember that this office specializes in property management; therefore we have three different departments, Rental, Accounting and Maintenance to serve you. To avoid delays when you call our office for information, please request the appropriate department for your question. If you are unsure of the department you need, simply ask the receptionist and she will direct your call accordingly.

** Urgent Reminder **

Remember to change your Homeowners Insurance Policy to a Landlords Policy or a Fire Policy with Extended Coverage. Make sure your new policy has Vandalism Coverage. Please ask your Insurance Company to name Century 21 Doug Anderson and Associates Inc. to your policy as additional insured. Please have your insurance company mail or fax us a copy of the policy for your file.

The following is a list of the most frequently asked questions by our owners:


Why won’t my property rent?

  1. Overpriced
  2. Does not show well (i.e.) cleanliness, curb appeal (including neighbors), and location.

Why do I need to have my property professionally cleaned?

  1. The only way we can require a tenant to return a property clean is to give them a clean property.
  2. This means all surfaces in the house must be cleaned, that includes: windows, fixtures, baseboards, walls, appliances (in & out), drawers (in & out), cupboards (in & out), garage swept, no debris or personal property left behind. Tubs, toilets, sinks, window coverings should be clean, all cob webs removed, lawns should be neatly manicured including all shrubbery and trees.

When do I get my check?

Owner checks are deposited directly into your (checking/savings) account on the 20th day of each month. When the 20th falls on a weekend or holiday, checks are deposited on the prior business day.

Why does Century 21 Doug Anderson hold the security deposit money?

The security deposit is not income. The money is held in a non-interest bearing trust account and is released after the move-out and inspection have been completed. The security deposit is not the last month’s rent.

Why is there a repair fund?

Century 21 Doug Anderson requires funds in your account to take care of emergencies when we may not have rental income.

How do you advertise?

Our office has a professional website, coupled with homes.mil., apartments.com, zillow.com, and trulia.com, to name a few. Current rental lists can also be picked up by our clientele at the office any time of the day or night.

Who is my first contact at Century 21 Doug Anderson?

The rental department will inspect the property when it becomes vacant. The inspector will then call the owner to give the owner a current status report on the condition, and will advise the owner of any necessary maintenance and turnover work needed to rent the property.

Why do I pay the water bill?

  1. To protect your landscaping, 70% of water is used for landscaping.
  2. Tenants know that most owners will pay for water; therefore, they will only look at homes where water is paid.
  3. The water company will ultimately hold the owner liable for any bills/re-connection fees.
  4. By owner paying water, the bill becomes a tax deduction.

How are maintenance requests handled?

How are maintenance requests handled? Any legitimate – non-cosmetic – requests that will cost less than $250, we will contract the work without contacting the owner. Any repair over $250 will be handled with the owner’s approval/authorization. If we find that a repair is due to tenant negligence, our office will automatically bill the tenant.

If we have a health or safety situation, the $250 authorization rule does not apply. We will attempt to contact the owner; if the owner is unattainable, the work must be handled immediately to avoid any Health Department violations.

Why should I leave my electricity on?

  1. It is extremely helpful when showing your property to prospective tenants during times of the day that provide little or no sunlight.
  2. It is necessary to have the electricity on when cleaning crews/vendors perform work to prepare your property for a new tenant.
  3. Your automatic sprinklers will not function without electricity.
  4. For these reasons, please leave your electricity on and contact Southern California Edison with your forwarding address, so that you will receive your billings. Be sure to call our office with your new phone number and address for your files. We do not want an interruption in service, as you may be charged an additional reconnect fee from Edison.

Why should I pay for a gardener?

  1. You know your landscaping is being maintained and protects your investment/keeps up neighborhood property value.
  2. City code enforcement requires lawns/shrubs/bushes are maintained.
  3. Some tenant’s do not have the knowledge or equipment to keep up the yard (i.e. knowing the difference between grass that has a fungus or if it’s dead).

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